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Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Growth and Collaboration in the B-cell mediated HIV Vaccine Field

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (NIAID, NIH) launched several initiatives aimed towards expanding fundamental knowledge of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV immunogens that might lead to the development of novel HIV vaccines....

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Eval13: Panel Session 504 - An Evaluation Agenda for USAID's Global Climate Change Initative

AEA Conference in Washington, DC 2013 Presentation by:Kit Kernan, Ph.D., Technical ExpertMarc D. Shapiro, Ph.D., Project LeaderGlobal Climate Change Monitoring and Evaluation ProjectDevelopment and Training Services (dTS)Contact: #EvaluationAgenda #GlobalClimateChange ...

GCCME AEA Evaluation Agenda 2013 10 29.ppt

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Bibliometrics: a Key Performance Indicator in Assessing the Influence of Biomedical Research

Bibliometrics, a quantitative evaluation of publication and citation data, is one type of indicator of productivity, influence, collaboration, and reach of scientific programs. Using research publications from programs funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund, this...

AEA 2016 Bibliometrics Poster.pdf

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Eval12 Session 681: Building NOAA Education’s Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity: An Internal Evaluation Perspective

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Education Council has embarked on an ambitious monitoring and evaluation (M&E) project that will allow it to assess education program outcomes across the agency’s 16 education offices and programs. Working with the agency’s internal and...

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Focus Search - assessment tool and the portfolio analysis tool

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Eval 14, Session 1250: Development of Tools to Answer Common Questions Regarding Biomedical Research Portfolios

Questions regarding biomedical research portfolios often arise from a variety of audiences, both internal and external. With increasing amounts of administrative, output, and outcome data linked to funded projects, the development of tools to analyze large data aggregations in a standardized...

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Focus Search - Portfolio Analysis for Basic Biomedical

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Eval11 Session 822: What's new in RealWorld Evaluation?

Presentation at AEA 2011 session #822 highlighting what's new in the 2nd edition of the RealWorld Evaluation book #2011Conference #InternationalandCross-CulturalEval #TheoriesofEvaluation #RealWorldEvaluationbook

822 What's new in RealWorld Evaluation 2nd edition.pptx

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Eval16_Using Evaluation Tools, Methods, and Thinking in Planning NIH Common Fund Programs

Biomedical research programs address questions vital to expanding knowledge and improving health, butare resource intensive. Therefore, careful consideration of the existing research environment duringprogram planning is needed. We present how a combination of methods grounded in evaluation...

Using Eval Tools Methods Thinking in Planning_AEA 10-29-2016.pdf

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Evaluation 2009 Conference Program

PDF of the Evaluation 2009 Program, sans covers due to size, as it went to print. #2009Conference #Communications #program #Evaluation2009 #Communications #Conference