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Eval12 Session 344: From Thinking Evaluatively to Acting Evaluatively

Presentation provides overview of the session, the process for 'Thinking Evaluatively' and the steps involved. The problem of childhood obestiy is used to demonstrate use of the tools, including stakeholder analysis and action oriented strategy mapping. #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation ...

2012 10 25 AEA Thinking to Acting Evaluatively Presentation to Post on AEA.pdf

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Eval14: Enhancing data visualizations through simple interactivity (DVR2 session at AEA14)

Recently the use of and options for data visualizations in evaluation have grown tremendously. Furthermore, interest in and use of interactive, or dynamic visualizations is on the rise. Many of these interactive approaches are strictly web-based and costly to develop. This presentation...

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Focus Search - continued focus on obesity prevention in the

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Building Public Health Practitioners' Capacity to Evaluate Policy, Systems and Enviromental Change Interventions

The Center for Training and Research Translation has developed a multipronged approach to building practitioners' capacity to evaluate policy and environmental (P&E) initiatives. The Center's approach includes (1) an evaluation framework that details essential components of P&E initiatives and...

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Focus Search - environment strategies for obesity prevention

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Transformative Mixed Methods Evaluations PowerPoint Slides from SI10

Session Description: This workshop focuses on the methodological and contextual considerations in designing and conducting transformative mixed methods evaluation. It is geared to meet the needs of evaluators working in communities that reflect diversity in terms of culture, race/ethnicity,...