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Measuring the Mission - Revisiting the Premise

As part of a panel discussion on Agency Level Measurements – Can they be Used to Evaluate Organizational Impact? (with Pact, Save the Children, and CRS). Mercy Corps examines its experience with Mission Metrics - an agency-level measurement system in use for 3 years and discontinued as of 2013....

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Rumbles from the North

Presentation by François Dumaine on the professional designations program. #Evaluation2009

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Program Evaluation Tipsheet 85: How Can I Increase the Number of Participants in my Program?

Citation: Condo, Jenna and Kiernan, Nancy Ellen (2006). TITLE: Tipsheet #85, University Park, PA: Penn State Cooperative Extension. This document is part of a series of Tipsheets that contain practical evaluation illustrations based on current research and developed by Nancy Ellen Kiernan at...

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CQI: Putting The Power Of Data Back Into The Hands of Programs

AEA 2015 Conference Presentation (Session 2036) by Volunteers of America Los Angeles #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval #InternalEvaluation #VOALA #HumanServicesEvaluation #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2015Conference #2015AEAConference

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Focus Search - • Dashboards are most effective if it fits the program’s needs. • A way to visualize and monitor performance • Increases accountability and transparency • Helps with decision-making EVOLUTION OF THE DASHBOARD “WHEN A PROGRAM NO LONGER NEEDS YOU…” • Fully understands dashboard’s effectiveness • Best practices carried over to new programs • ↑ Staff empowerment • ↑ Teamwork • ↑ Capacity building • ↑ CQI cultureEMPOWERING STAKEHOLDERS WITH PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT TOOLS Alyson Baker, MA Outcomes Research Analyst WHEN A PROGRAM’S READY AND INTERESTED IN IMPROVEMENT • Empowered staff • Data used to identify problems & generate solutions • Results in the spirit of CQI IN THE BEGINNING: CREATING A DASHBOARD Q: WHAT GOES ON A DASHBOARD?

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Eval 13: Session 922 - Towards Measuring the Social Impact of Nonprofits and Philanthropies in China

The world's second largest economy, China, is also home to the second most number of billionaires. Only the U.S. has more. China's miraculous growth in wealth in recent decades has not only lifted millions out of poverty, but it has also led to the growth of the ultra-wealthy and consequently,...

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Focus Search - Encourage officials of good will both at MoCA and Legislative Commission of State Council and NPC to attend the symposium Address a new legal framework by developing new ideas The deficiencies in the existing regulations and draft charity law need to be discussed A new team will help to address them and propose new ideas for China But this must be a learning experience and ideas from other countries adapted to China’s specific situation Adding three concepts will improve legal framework Charity in China needs a boost, and foundations need to be encouraged to trust CSOs Adding three concepts will help in this regard: Fiduciary responsibility Conflict of interest rules Clear non-distribution constraintEvaluating Chinese Philanthropy : Status quo, problems, and improvement Lijun He Ph.D

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Eval14 Expanding the evaluation lens: How to include policy assessment in your evaluation

Legislation and policy are valuable strategies for social change, since these population-based interventions often outlast funding and program cycles. As a result, policies and governance documents are adopted and implemented in typical evaluation contexts, including health, education and human...

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Focus Search - Code example anti-bullying policy Compare wording in the policy to the components required in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) found on the score sheet Each item on score sheet given a 0, 1 or 2 0 = Element missing in policy documentation 1 = Not fully compliant with statute: Requires documentation in Notes field 2 = All aspects found in policy: Fully compliant Can do on your own or in pairs After coding, we’ll compare coding Hand out selection of a sample policy (not the entire thing) Selection of a score sheet (note source column for ORS & Total Score at the bottom) Selection of Statutes identified on the score sheet Hints Looking for exact wording found in statute Any item receiving a “1” needs a note Use “Decision Rules” for coding guidance Policies often laid out with an intro then definitions and then subsections Can do this in pairs or on your own After a few minutes, we’ll come back together & discuss coding (GIVE AT LEAST 5 MINUTES) Compare totals If there’s time, we’ll establish an overall rank 10 Lessons Learned Interdisciplinary project team ideal Coding best done by attorneys or law students Give ample time for training, coding & cleaning data Assessing cross-sectional policy adoption insufficient for outcomes-based evaluation Need data on policy implementation & enforcement Policies adopted then refined & updated over time Examples & Resources Handout of 3-step process Well-SAT (Wellness School Assessment Tool) Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) Policy tool Public Health Law Research Law Atlas Get in touch!

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Eval11 Session 229: A Call to Action: Evaluating Evaluators' Recommendations

While there are many components to any evaluation, perhaps none is more visible to clients than the practice of making recommendations. Yet, as a field, we have virtually no empirical understanding of how recommendations are used and what impact they have on programs and outcomes. This means, as...