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Eval12 Session 191: Distributed Evaluation - Benefits and Challenges of Cross-Organization Collaborations

Presenter(s):Gina Svarovsky, Science Museum of Minnesota, gsvarovsky@smm.orgAmy Grack Nelson, Science Museum of Minnesota, agnelson@smm.orgAbstract: Evaluation projects involving evaluators distributed across the country can have several benefits, but also present a range of challenges. The...

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Knowledge Management as a Guerilla Campaign: Leading the Horse to Water

Roundtable Presentation 701 held in the Boardroom on Saturday, Nov 14, 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Abstract: Many evaluation practitioners have experienced or observed the frustration of attempting to evaluate the effectiveness of a knowledge management (KM) project or initiative. This is particularly...

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Eval13: Session 603 - Collaborative and Inclusive Design of an International Shared Measurement System

The presentation from Jeremy Paley and Aimee White about creating a international shared measurement system for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation #sharedindicators #collaborativedesign #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #Collaborative,ParticipatoryandEmpowermentEval ...

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Eval12 Session 296: Strategic Use of Observations

The roundtable discussed challenges of collecting observational data for small-scale evaluation activities and ways to add rigor to increase the credibility and usefulness of data. The handout offers suggestions on strategies and presents an example scenario. #Instruments ...

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Eval12 Session 626: Changes in Library Evaluation: Responding to External Pressures in the Institution of Museum and Library Services’ Measuring Success Imitative for the Grants to States Program

This paper examines the challenges of developing and implementing a new national evaluation approach in a complex library funding program. The approach shifts a prior outcome-based evaluation legacy using logic models to one relying on non-linear logic mapping. The new approach is explored by...

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Focus Search - Impacts Figure 2. Two Informal Learning