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AEA 2016 Session 1921:Evaluating into Lean and Leaning into Evaluation: Lessons Learned from Environmental Evaluation

The panel illustrates some of the key observations gleaned through its application of program evaluation and Lean. In addition the panel illustrates the inextricable elements of program design, evaluation design, and information design are best embodied by a full integrated approach of these...

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Eval10 Session 307: Grappling With Uncertainty in Innovative and Complex Settings: Weaving Quality in Developmental Evaluation

Sponsored by the Systems in Evaluation TIG and the Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation TIG Chair(s): Syd King, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Discussant(s): Michael Quinn Patton, Utilization-Focused Evaluaton, Abstract: They say of life only...

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AEA 2016 RTD Session 1539: The Influence of Domain-Specific Metric Development on Evaluation and Design: An Example from National Institutes of Health Technology Development Programs

Even within the sub-field of research, technology, and development evaluation, there are specialized domains for which it may be appropriate to consider designing tailored evaluation metrics. This session will focus on the development of evaluation metrics for National Institutes of Health...

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Focus Search - Health (NIH)? • Evaluation synthesis: o Can

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Eval11 Session 205: Evaluation of the Evaluation of the Paris Declaration on International Aid

The Paris Declaration adopted principles for improving international aid. An evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the Paris Declaration was commissioned. The AEA eLibrary contains a presentation on that evaluation. This entry concerns the Evaluation of the Evaluation (meta...

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Focus Search - Evaluation SYNTHESIS PDE PHASE 1 RESULTS

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Session 847 Evolution of Evaluation in INGOs

Case study of the strategies that led to the strengthening of Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in CARE during 12 years Jim Rugh headed that work, plus brief annexes from CRS, Save and American Red Cross. #evaluation #in #2009Conference #Session #Evaluation2009 #847 ...

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Focus Search - who conducted the MEGA’02 meta-evaluation

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Evaluation 2009 Conference Program

PDF of the Evaluation 2009 Program, sans covers due to size, as it went to print. #2009Conference #Communications #program #Evaluation2009 #Communications #Conference