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How to Engage Stakeholder to Address Data Quality Issues in Outcome Monitoring

process that highlights the importance of data...quality. We will explain our approach, provide

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Focus Search - Data Quality Issues in Outcome Monitoring

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Eval12 Session 909: Evaluating Federally-Funded Multi-Site Behavioral Health Programs: Methodological Approaches and Lessons Learned

This document includes the four presentations that were delivered in this panel on Federally-funded multi-site behavioral health evaluations that focused on (1) conceptual approaches and issues, (2) implementation and data collection, (3) data management, and (4) data analysis and reporting....

Eval12 Session 909 - Presented 10-27-12.pdf

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Session 738 Review of New Directions Issue on Environment

The New Directions volume (Birnbaum, Matthew and Per Mickwitz (ed.) 2009: Environmental Program and Policy Evaluation: Addressing Methodological Challenges, New Directions for Evaluation 123) is reviewed from the perspective of topics covered, concept of evaluand and the likely utility of the...

Review of Environmental Program and Policy Evaluation v2.ppt