TIG Leadership

TIG Co-Chairs:  Vajeera Dorabawila, Guili Zhang, and Antonio Olmos
The responsibilities of the TIG Chair include organizing TIG activities during the year, assisting in the review of AEA abstracts, and representing the TIG at AEA functions.

TIG Program Co-Chairs: Karen H. Larwin, Melinda Davis, and Haiyan Bai
The responsibilities of the TIG Program Chair include outreach and review. Outreach involves recruiting AEA members for panels, organizing panel content, and querying TIG members for panel interests. Review involves organizing the review process for all Quantitative TIG abstracts submitted for the annual conference.

TIG Webmaster: Medha Bulumulla

The responsibilities of the TIG Webmaster include updating and maintaining the content posted on the TIG website; monitoring communications on the TIG's listserv discussion groups; and serving as liason to AEA in regards to the TIG's electronic presence on the AEA website.