Quant/Qual Cafe

Advice on Research Designs and Analyses
Evaluators may use a variety of tools when seeking answers to evaluation questions. It’s important to match question, method, and analyses well, no matter what paradigm is called for.

The Quantitative Methods and Qualitative Method TIGs will provide support in research design methods, statistics and computer software (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R, Dedoose, NVivo) to AEA attendees.

In this session, program evaluators experienced in the use of quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods will be available to answer any questions you might have.

Consultants will provide advice not only on research designs, statistical or qualitative analyses, but also on ways to visualize the data. AEA participants are encouraged to bring your research, design, and analyses questions to the consultants.

If you also bring a laptop with your software, we may also be able to provide answers specific to the software you may be using.

This is a session where participants can bring in their methods questions. This will be staffed by quantitative and qualitative TIG leaders or others volunteers that can offer expertise on various questions.

If a question cannot be answered by those assigned, details will be taken and a response will be provided

The conversation between the consultant and participant will remain private.