As an IC TIG member, there are many informal opportunities for seeking mentoring from other consultants who have expertise in areas that interest you. Here are some ways for you to reach out to other members:
  1. Post a question on the DISCUSSION page of the IC-TIG website to get opinions and advice on topics of interest. Your colleagues are very willing to engage in discussion with you! Make sure you are signed in so that you can access the page.
  2. Sign up for the beginning or intermediate level professional development session on Independent Consulting at the annual AEA conference. This will help you learn about developing your consulting practice while meeting other consultants.
  3. Reach out to IC TIG consultants who have made presentations that interest you at the annual conference, have offered a webinar or eStudy on the AEA website, or have written something on AEA 365 that you’d like to know more about.
  4. Check out IC-TIG member Jan Upton's recommended book list for consultants in the IC TIG library.

 If anyone has other mentoring ideas to add to this list, please contact Mary Nash, IC TIG media co-chair.