Benefits of belonging to the IC-TIG

There are many benefits of joining the Independent Consulting Topical Interest Group (IC TIG)

IC TIG e-group  - This is open to AEA members who, upon renewing their annual membership, choose the Independent Consulting TIG. It's a great tool for IC TIG members to exchange information, pose questions, generate discussion, ask for help, and let each other know about time sensitive events opportunities, and RFPs. To test how welcoming our e-group is, just send a message saying that you're new to the group and watch what happens next! Instructions for using the eGroup

Quarterly Newsletter Sent to IC TIG members' email addresses on record, providing news on thought provoking topics relevant to IC TIG members.

e-Library - In order to view and contribute to the eLibrary, you must be a paid AEA member and a member of the Independent Consulting TIG. This is a repository for documents of a more permanent nature, such as helpful articles, websites, toolkits, presentation materials from the AEA Conference and other evaluation gatherings, both past and present. Items that are time sensitive should not be placed in the eLibrary. Nor is this the place to post resumes or RFPs. 

Mentoring - The IC TIG offers an opportunity to form informal mentoring relationships with colleagues.  

Annual Networking Dinner - Fun, informal, get-together at a local restaurant generally held after our business meeting at annual AEA conference.

Facebook Page - Like the "AEA Independent Consulting TIG" on Facebook to get connected with resources and updates that are relevant to independent consultants.