TIG Leadership

AEA TIGs are completely volunteer driven. The leadership team is necessary for the TIG to accomplish the mission of ensuring there are feminist voices heard at AEA. Feminist TIG leadership positions are considered 3-year terms. Chair and co-chair positions are responsible for convening the TIG business meeting at the annual conference, attending quarterly AEA conference calls, and providing strategic leadership throughout the year as determined by volunteer activities. Program chair and program co-chair positions are responsible for the planning and development of the annual conference proposal review process and curating a weeklong series of blog posts for AEA365.

Leadership Team
Sabira Ebaady joined as TIG co-chair in 2017. She is an emerging M&E professional currently working as Clinical Quality Improvement Evaluation Coordinator with a non-for- profit public health institute in Louisiana evaluating various public health programs such as HIV-STI, Reproductive Health, Behavioral Health and as well as a Racial Equity project. Sabira joined this TIG out of strong interest and concern for gender equality. 

Chair or Co-Chair

*Leadership positions available! The TIG Co-chairs are responsible for providing TIG strategic leadership and convening the TIG business meeting at the annual conference. This meeting is scheduled by the AEA office in consultation with the TIG Program Chair as part of the conference program. Be available for quarterly AEA conference calls (can be done alternately) and communicate main agenda and decision points to Leadership Team for further action. The TIG Co-Chairs are also responsible for overseeing the planning and development of any TIG initiatives / activities outside of the annual meeting such as identifying cross-TIG collaboration opportunities.

Program Co-Chairs
Christine Fabian Bell joined as program co-chair in 2017. Christine is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she evaluates local and national programs related to higher education. She is passionate about supporting women in higher education and women in STEM education.

Jane Whynot joined as program co-chair in 2017. Jane Whynot is currently a 4th year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Ottawa and has been a consultant providing evaluation and performance measurement expertise to both the government and voluntary sectors for approximately two decades. She currently serves as the Past President of the Canadian Evaluation Society’s National Capital Chapter (CES-NCC), is an instructor in Carleton University’s Graduate Program in Evaluation, and has worked with Status of Women for over a decade. Jane comes by her area of research, integrating gender-based analysis in the federal government’s evaluation function naturally, always having been interested in how representations of diversity are accounted for in performance stories. She has recently joined the editorial team of the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation (CJPE) having served as a reviewer for both the Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, and the American Journal of Evaluation on the subjects of evaluation capacity building, and theory-based approaches, and mentoring.

*Leadership positions available! The TIG Program Co-Chairs are responsible for the planning and development of TIG conference program for the annual meeting, curating a weeklong series of blog posts for AEA365 Tip-of-Day, and supporting other initiatives such as identifying cross-TIG collaboration opportunities.

Newsletter Editor
Kathryn Mathes holds a PhD in Program Evaluation from Cornell University and has 22 years of experience planning and implementing utilization focused federally-funded evaluations (i.e., SAMHSA, ACF, OJJDP, OAH, etc.) in an broad array of community-based human service programs (e.g., trauma-informed, gender responsive, co-occurring behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, child welfare, family preservation/intensive in-home, family strengthening and incarcerated people with serious mental illness). Particular expertise in designing evaluation systems  that standardizes data capture, training staff in routine collection of high quality data and promoting measurement based care that advances organizational learning and data drive decision making.

*Leadership positions available! The TIG Newsletter Editors are responsible for collecting and editing submissions and compiling them into an online newsletter for TIG members.

Élyse McCall-Thomas joined as webmaster in 2019.  Élyse works as a Senior Program Evaluation Analyst with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada, and has 12 years of experience in evaluation and performance measurement.