Greetings, Dear "Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG" Members and Guests,

A warm welcome to our website and community of practice.  

The Feminist TIG brings together a dynamic group of evaluators, feminists and gender equality advocates who are united in their passion to promote gender equality and ensure that women’s experiences and voices are integrated more systematically into evaluation practice.

We are excited to present this resource, where we hope you will not only find relevant information but also help us to strengthen and enhance its relevance for our membership. This platform also allows us to communicate with one another. So if you’d like to share/add a resource, start a thread or make any key announcements, you have come to the right place.

We invite you to join and participate in the Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG:

  • If you have not joined our TIG through your AEA membership, please consider doing so. We send a few communications to our TIG members via email throughout the year.
  • Leadership team positions are available! Contact Program Co-Chairs for details about this great opportunity.
  • Submit a blog post for AEA365 Tip a Day. Each year, the Feminist TIG will showcase contributions from feminist evaluators during a weeklong set of blog posts. Contact Program Co-Chairs for details about AEA365.
  • Contribute an article for the Feminist TIG Newsletter. 

- Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG Leadership Team