Greetings, Dear "Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG" Members and Guests,

A warm welcome to our website and community of practice.  

The Feminist TIG brings together a dynamic group of evaluators, feminists and gender equality advocates who are united in their passion to promote gender equality and ensure that women’s experiences and voices are integrated more systematically into evaluation practice.

As your TIG Co-Chairs, we are excited to present this resource, where we hope you will not only find relevant information but also help us to strengthen and enhance its relevance for our membership. This platform also allows us to communicate with one another. So if you’d like to share/add a resource, start a thread or make any key announcements, you have come to the right place.

About us:

Svetlana has served as co-chair of the Feminist TIG for now the fourth consecutive year, and from where she was elected to co-chair EvalGender+, a global with a  mission to coordinate and maximize efforts in strengthening equity focused and gender responsive evaluation. She comes to the field of feminist evaluation through her M&E work, primarily the “M” of HIV/AIDS, environment and women’s empowerment programs. In recent years, her focus has shifted towards the “E” of donor-funded projects in agriculture, HIV/AIDS, food security and global climate change sectors. Growing up in a country that collected gender disaggregated statistics on a range of socioeconomic indicators such as education, employment levels and their rights, Svetlana understands not only the value of data availability but also its potential for shaking things up with the power of evaluation. Many forms of sexism still prevail in societies across the world and is manifested in women’s lack of reproductive rights, access to credit and health care, sexual harassment, discrimination in the workplace, and intimate partner violence. Hence the persistent challenges of conducting evaluation and going beyond merely recognising the different needs of women and men to applying feminist principles and approaches that recognise the complexity and responsibilities of governments as duty bearers to deliver the promises of internationally agreed normative commitments (CEDAW, Beijing Declaration, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc).  

Ghada joined as TIG Co-Chair in 2016; previously, and for two consecutive years, she served as TIG Program Chair. Her path to evaluation has not been linear but is nevertheless rooted in her personal and professional commitment to human rights, gender equality and social justice, which is what first drew her to the field of international development. In her experience, evaluation, and feminist evaluation in particular, is an important line of inquiry for bringing to the fore women’s voices and surfacing systems of discrimination and inequality that preclude them for participating in or benefitting from development interventions. Only by understanding power structures and embedded systems of privilege can we hope to transform the lives of women and girls in meaningful and empowering ways.

If you have not joined our TIG, please consider doing so. In addition to this platform, there are several entry points for your engagement throughout the year:

  • Submit a blog post for AEA365 Tip a Day. The Feminist TIG has a standing week that coincides with International Women’s Day each year. In 2018, this week fell between March 4-10. Contact our Program Co-Chairs for next opportunities: Jane Whynot [janewhyn021@uottawa.ca], Christine Fabian [fabian@wisc.edu] and Michael Bamberger [jmichaelbamberger@gmail.com.
  • Attend the annual Feminist TIG Business Meeting at AEA 2019.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for our exciting program of panels, multi-paper sessions and workshops at AEA2018. We look forward to connecting with you this fall in Cleveland, Ohio.

- Ghada Jiha and Svetlana Negroustoueva, Co-chairs, Feminist Evaluation TIG


 Speaking Truth to Power

October 28 - November 3, 2018

Cleveland, OH

Evaluation 2018
Conference: October 28 - November 3, 2018
Professional Development Workshops: October 28-30, 2018
Cleveland, OH USA 

Don't miss any FEMINIST session: the program will be posted HERE!





Wednesday, October 31

8:00-am 11:00am

37: Mind the [Gender] Gap: How to Think About and Integrate Gender in Evaluations

Pre-Conference Professional Development

Hilton - Center St. Meeting Room C


FIE2: Case Studies: Speaking Truth to Supporting Gender Equality

TIG Multipaper



1647: Voices from the South: Addressing gender in culturally diverse contexts through capacity development on Gender Transformative Evaluation


CC - 9


1031: Equity Focused Evaluation of the SDGs – Opportunities and Threats


Poster 103


1520: Fostering Gender and Equity Planning and Budgeting Compliance - Experience from Uganda


Poster 104


2050: Qual-evaluation for measuring gender equity through training-based intervention: recommendations for an effective gender training


Poster 45


2116: Validating the Truth about Gender in a West Bank Rule of Law Project


Poster 82

Thursday, November 1


2079: Validating the Truth about Gender in the West Bank for Program Design




2656: Evaluating Adult Transgender Community Services

Skill-Building Workshop

Hilton - Center St. Meeting Room C


2676: The time is now: Claiming space for feminist issues

Birds of a Feather

CC - Grand Ballroom B - Table 15

2:45pm- 3:30pm

1270: #Blessed: A Process for Collecting, Analyzing, and Interpreting Twitter Data to Study Social Norms



5:00pm- 5:45pm

1685: Asking about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI): the power (and tradeoffs) of inviting people to speak their truth


Hilton - Veterans Meeting Room A


1043: Feminist Data Analysis: Step by step processes to avoid racism, sexism, homophobia and more in data and analysis




TIGBM23: Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting

TIG Business Meeting



Diversity and Inclusion TIGs Social


Cleveland Marriott at Key Center

Friday, November 2


2130: Lean Feminist Evaluation; Rapid Cycle Learning & Speaking Truth to Power Continuously





1810: Evaluation in the Era of #MeToo




1717: The Rise and Grind of Women in Evaluation




2723: Integrating GBA+ into Impact Measurement Strategies: Supporting Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equity in Outcomes-based Policy Approaches

Expert Lecture


Saturday, November 3


2011: Leveraging Mercy Corps' Global Gender Minimum Standards Evaluation to Influence Mainstreaming


Hilton - Hope Ballroom E


FIE1: The Power of Evidence in Gender Equality Evaluations

TIG Multipaper



We encourage you to collaborate with other colleagues and TIGs and explore how a feminist lens can contribute to other issue areas