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Welcome to the Extension Education Evaluation Topical Interest Group 

The Extension Education Evaluation Topical Interest Group (EEE-TIG) was started informally in 1981 by a group of Extension evaluators. Extension is the outreach education arm of the land grant universities in each state, and its mission is to provide research-based educational programming to the public. Today, EEE-TIG members are teachers, evaluators, and trainers who specialize in the evaluation of educational outreach programs. Many members are faculty members at Land Grant Universities, but we welcome and encourage anyone interested in the evaluation of non-formal educational programs to join the EEE-TIG.



Congratulations to our 2013 Award Winners!

Sustained Excellence in Extension Evaluation Award
This award is given for conceptual, methodological and evaluation accomplishments making outstanding contributions to Extension and evaluation.
Award winners:

 Sarah Baughman  

L: Allison Nichols
C:Sarah Baughma
R: Ben Silliman

 Scott Cummings

The Mary Nell Greenwood Extension Evaluation Award

This award is given for administrative or program leadership toward outstanding organizational, policy and resource contributions to Extension evaluation.
Award Winners:
 Helen Chipman,Stephanie Blake and Linda Kay Benning

Excellence in Extension Program Evaluation Award
This award is given for an evaluation of outstanding quality. This may be an individual or team award
to professional evaluators or to those whose major responsibility is not program evaluation. Criteria for excellence in program evaluation are accuracy, feasibility, propriety and utility, with particular
emphasis placed on utility in improving Extension programs, policies and/or accountability.
Award winner:

  K.S.U. Jayaratne

Excellence in Extension Evaluation Training Award
This award is given for evaluation training of outstanding quality by an individual or team. The nominees may be professional evaluator(s) or those whose major responsibility is not program
evaluation. Criteria for excellence in evaluation training include creativity, enablement of trainees in
evaluation practice, and the use of training to further extension evaluation.
Award winners:

       Sorrell Brown      Nancy Franz       Keli Tallman  Barbara Woods

Goals and Mission of the EEE-TIG

We welcome all who are interested in Extension Education Evaluation to join the EEE-TIG. The EEE-TIG supports the mission of AEA through seeking to improve evaluation practice and methods, increase evaluation use, promote evaluation as a profession, and support the contribution of evaluation to the generation of theory and knowledge about effective human action. The goals of the EEE-TIG are:

  • To promote the professional development of evaluators working within the Cooperative Extension system and in other non-formal education organizations.

  • To improve evaluation performance through a better understanding of the unique contexts of evaluation in various informal education and technology transfer settings.

  • To recognize and enhance the relationship between the functions of program evaluation, program planning, staff development and organization development in Extension and informal education.

  • To provide and promote opportunities for communication and the sharing of evaluation theories, issues, approaches, and practices in Extension and informal education.

  • To encourage exemplary evaluation practice in the field of Extension Education.

  • To support the mission of the American Evaluation Association.

Organization and Leadership

The business of the EEE TIG is conducted by an Executive Board composed of the following positions: Chair; Chair-elect/Program Chair; Past Chair-Awards Chair; Secretary; and four board members, one from each region–northeast, south, north central, and west. Liaisons with other groups or agencies may also be appointed annually to serve on the board. Membership on the Executive Board is determined by ballot election, succession, or appointment. Secretary and Board Members are elected for two-year terms. Chair-elect/Program Chair is elected annually and serves two successive years as Chair and Past Chair. A membership chair and other ad hoc positions are appointed to assist with the work of the TIG.


  • Solicit presentation proposals for the annual AEA conference, make selections, and develop TIG-sponsored sessions for the conference.
  • Communicate regularly with members through use of newsletters and special mailings.
  • Maintain an updated electronic database of members and their addresses for ease in identifying and communicating with members.
  • Recognize exemplary work of Extension evaluators.
  • Convene the annual EEE TIG business meeting during the Annual AEA Conference.
  • Hold an EEE TIG-sponsored annual dinner meeting during the conference.
  • Hold the Executive Board meeting during the conference.
  • Identify projects to enhance Extension evaluation, influence policy, and contributed to the professional development of members.

How to Join the EEE TIG

To become a member of the Extension Education Evaluation TIG, you must become a member of the parent organization, American Evaluation Association (AEA). When you join the AEA, indicate your desire to join the EEE TIG. You can obtain an AEA membership application by contacting:

The American Evaluation Association
16 Sconticut Neck Rd #290
Fairhaven, MA 02719
Phone & Fax (US & Canada): 888-232-2275
Phone & Fax (International): 508-748-3326
Website: http/ Email:

Join the the EEE-TIG Mailing List!

Whether you formally join the American Evaluation Association and Extension Education Evaluation TIG or not, interested individuals are welcome to receive the EEE TIG’s newsletters. To be included in the TIG’s mailing list, send your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone and fax numbers to:

Donna J. Peterson, Ph.D., Membership Chair

Extension Evaluation Specialist
School of Human Sciences
Mississippi State University
220A Lloyd Ricks Watson Building
PO Box 9745
Mississippi State, MS  39762
Phone: (662) 325-9121
Fax: (662) 325-8188

For More Information About the EEE-TIG

Please Contact Melissa Cater, EEE-TIG Chair:

Melissa Cater, Ph.D, TIG Chair

Assistant Professor
Program Evaluation Specialist
Louisiana State University
Knapp Hall, Room 227
110 LSU Union Square
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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