About Us

Our Mission:

Media, web design, and marketing have all created an environment where our stakeholders – clients, program participants, funders – expect high quality graphics and reporting that effectively convey the valuable insights from evaluation work.

Interest in improving communications has taken root in the evaluation field. Research from other fields suggests that we are undermining the potential use of evaluation results and the impact of the evaluation field if we do not attend more to the range of options for conveying data and findings.

Our Areas of Interest:

  • Define data visualization as it applies to evaluation
  • Be a voice and resource for high quality visual displays of data
  • Develop and promote high standards for DVR in evaluation
  • Keep AEA and evaluators current with the exponential growth of data visualization
  • Facilitate exploration of data visualization as an emerging need among stakeholders
  • Illustrate the use of data visualization for evaluation planning and analysis
  • Lead by example   
  • Translate complicated data into understandable visual mediums
  • Explore alternative reporting options, including social media
  • Make evaluation more beautiful and useful  


   Ann Emery
   Independent Consultant           
   Arlington, VA
   (703) 927.6487


          John Nash
          University of Kentucky           
          Lexington, KY
          (650) 799.6703

Program Co-Chair

           Kate Livingston
           Expose Your Museum LLC
           Austin, TX
           (512) 915.6232

Program Co-Chair

Stephanie Evergreen
           Evergreen Data
           Kalamazoo, MI
           (269) 425.1650