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CBD098: Evaluative Thinking: The 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' of Eval Capacity Building & Practice - Tom Archibald & Jane Buckley 

05-30-2012 16:41

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In her 2007 presidential address to AEA, Hallie Preskill asked, “How do we build the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to think evaluatively and engage in evaluation practice?” Her question indexes another question: What does it mean to “think evaluatively?” In this webinar, we first discuss the importance of evaluative thinking as a component of evaluation capacity building practice and as an object of inquiry within research on evaluation. Second, we draw on cognitive and education research to help develop and clarify the construct. Finally, we present some initial work done at the Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation on operationalizing and measuring this important, yet elusive, construct. We will share three data collection tools which are currently being developed—an evaluative thinking scale, an interview protocol, and an observational protocol—and discuss ways these tools might be of use in a variety of contexts.


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