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Eval11 Session 316: Value-Engaged, Educative Evaluation Guidebook 

10-11-2011 16:05

This presentation showcases a newly developed practical guidebook for a values-engaged, educative approach to evaluating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and other education programs. This evaluation approach is anchored in our dual commitments to (a) active engagement with values of diversity and equity, and (b) being educative in our work, that is, conducting evaluations that advance meaningful learning about the program being evaluated. Our guidebook foregrounds the distinctive role of the values-engaged, educative evaluator, and features step-by-step guidelines for the practice of values-engaged, educative evaluation, along with multiple illustrations of these guidelines from our varied field tests of this approach. In presenting this guidebook, we invite other education program evaluators to our roundtable to share their thoughts in an informal, interactive format that can further inform and enlighten our thinking about values engagement in evaluation practice. Greene, J.C., Boyce, A.S, & Ahn, J. (2011). Value-Engaged, Educative Evaluation Guidebook. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Created and produced with funds from the National Science Foundation.

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