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Eval 2013, Poster #78: Plans, Approaches, Needs, Context, & Reality: Meta-Evaluation of a Portfolio of External Climate Education Projects Funded by NASA 

10-16-2013 23:24

NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) at Langley Research Center has funded 71 climate education initiatives over four years, each evaluated separately by external evaluators. This meta-evaluation project seeks to understand the range of evaluations represented in the portfolio, including descriptive information (what evaluations, questions, designs, approaches, and methods are applied?) and questions of worth (do these evaluations meet the needs of projects and their staff, and of NASA/NICE?). Given the context of climate change education, we also consider the units of analysis and units of change assessed across the portfolio, to determine the extent to which broader questions about community or stewardship behaviors are addressed by such a portfolio. The meta-evaluative rubric was based on key questions related to the Program Evaluation Standards of utility, feasibility, and accuracy; draws from prior meta-evaluation work; and considers the NICE context and the concerns of the environmental and STEM education evaluation communities.

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