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AEA 2019 Poster - Paths to Conversation and Action: Real-time Data-sharing with Qualtrics Reports 

11-22-2019 16:40

As evaluators, we understand and appreciate the power of data to inform and bring about change. However, all too often data sits mostly untouched until the time comes to write a report or prepare a presentation. When this happens, opportunities for conversations and action “in the moment” may be missed. How can we help both external stakeholders and our own teams engage with data more quickly and easily to help avoid these missed opportunities? One way to address this challenge is by making data more easily accessible so that it is more likely to be seen and used. This poster presents the use of Qualtrics online survey software to create real-time data reports along with two examples of how this tool has been used by evaluators to provide stakeholders with access to real-time data.

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