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AEA 2019 poster: How Would You Analyze Census Data? 

11-19-2019 15:32

Session Abstract: 

How would you analyze census data to identify meaningful relationships between variables? How about drawing random samples from census data and analyze the samples, using inferential statistics? That’s what we did for an evaluation examining the data for 10th graders in Wyoming to identify risk factors associated with using electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Our approach treated the existing census survey dataset (the 2016 WY PNA dataset) as the sampling frame of the target population. This poster will showcase an approach where we took probability samples from the census data and analyzed the samples, using inferential statistics, and how we presented the results. This approach can be useful if you have a dataset that represents a certain population of your interest, for example, including administrative records that represent a population of program participants. We will share tips and lessons learned from the process.

Author contact:
Shinze/Muneyuki Kato shinze@uwyo.edu
Eric L Canen ECanen@uwyo.edu
Laran Despain LDespain@uwyo.edu

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