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The Systems-Highlights-Patterns (SHP) Framework: A New Framework for the Evaluation of Complex Projects 

10-17-2013 11:44

This PowerPoint outlines the Systems-Highlights-Patterns (SHP) Framework, a new framework designed for the evaluation of complex projects. The SHP Framework is a three-step iterative process that is based on a developmental evaluation approach and borrows from practices in systems thinking and strategy theory. In contrast to outcomes based approaches, the SHP Framework offers better explanatory power in complex situations. The demonstration is conducted in three steps. First, the presenters illustrate how to gain an understanding of the program system using a systems thinking model. Second, participants learn how to create a highlights table to track project accomplishments and emergent ideas longitudinally. The third step addresses how to create diagrams focused on patterns of action in order to visually depict the system as a function of time. Participants gain knowledge about the utility and practical application of the SHP Framework in their evaluations. Presented by: Barbara Heath, Ph.D; Aruna Lakshmanan, Ph.D; and Catherine Freeman, MPA of East Main Evaluation & Consulting, LLC http://www.emeconline.com/

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