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Eval12 Session 617: Working with What You're Given: Data Visualization in Microsoft Excel 

10-29-2012 14:56

Five examples of how we can use Microsoft Excel to produce professional looking charts and tables using only formatting in Excel. The PPT has before and after pictures with steps in the notes and the Excel file is my data source. Demonstration Session Abstract: This demonstration will explore how you can use Microsoft Excel for basic data visualizations that will showcase your data. If you are provided Microsoft Excel 2010 by your firm or its all you can afford, there are many great tools that allow for greater customization of your data visualizations making Excel an easy choice to move your data from text to chart. Using an example data set we will walk through Excel’s data visualization tools, including formatting data, chart selection, formatting to reduce the data-ink ratio, and moving to Microsoft PowerPoint or Word. Building on data visualization theory, this demonstration will also cover tips and tricks to visualizing your data in Excel, re-draw in PowerPoint for greater impact, and the limitations in using Excel in comparison to other products. Select free online resources for chart selection and data visualization in Excel will be referenced as part of the demonstration.

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