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CBD106: Evaluation Jitters Part Two: Managing an Evaluation - Alice Willard 

07-26-2012 08:37

Cosponsors: Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross/Red Crescent, United States Agency for International Development, and AEA’s International and Cross Cultural TIG

Description: This webinar is part of a four-part series on monitoring and evaluation. Once an evaluation begins, the evaluation team needs a key organizational contact. This contact is often a junior staff person assigned to 'manage' the evaluation process. Rather than a technical or a senior manager, this contact's job can include helping smooth logistics (setting up meetings), providing routine communication to the organization's management about the progress of the evaluation, and also serving as the 'go to' for challenges and opportunities that come up during an evaluation. This webinar will introduce The Managing an Evaluation Guide, which provides several tips on how to schedule and organize the evaluation team.

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