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State of Qualitative Methods in the Early 21st Century: Top 10 Developments Over the Last Decade and Emergent Challenges 

10-21-2013 15:13

As the author of a major qualitative evaluation methods textbook, I have participated in and tracked debates and developments in qualitative approaches over the last four decades. I am currently writing the 4th edition of Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods. The conference theme provides an opportunity to look back at major developments in qualitative evaluation as well as look forward at what is emerging. This will include a preview of what is new in the 4th edition of the book. While historically, much attention was paid to the differences between quantitative and qualitative methods, the state of qualitative methods in the early 21st century manifests great diversity, increased integration through mixed methods, new sampling and case selection approaches as well as much larger samples, and new opportunities to gather data and report findings using social media. All of these developments pose new ethical and political challenges.

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