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AEA 2019 - Optimizing analysis and use of data collected by using an open source routine health information system 

11-19-2019 11:50

District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) is a flexible monitoring and evaluation platform that is transforming information management around the world. Although the platform is used in over 67 nations to collect, store, and analyze health data, there is no reason to restrict its use to health. In recent years a growing number of NGOs and charities have taken advantage of DHIS2s flexibility to track program interventions across sectors: sustainable agriculture and food security, environmental conservation, education and community development.

CARECanada, CAREUS and non-profit LogicalOutcomes presented their collective experiences on (1) strengths and weaknesses of DHIS2 as a monitoring and evaluation platform (2) capacity building challenges (both at HQ and in the field), and (3) how the built-in dashboards can contribute to better data use and decision making.

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