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Eval11 Session 614: Use What you Have: Creating Automated Visual Displays Using Word and Excel 

11-09-2011 12:10

These are the files we used in our demonstration on using MS Word and Excel -- tools that most users already have. The presentation covered the following steps in the process of creating dashboards: 1) Designing an easy-to-read template to display findings that program staff need 2) Organizing data to facilitate the creation of multiple dashboards efficiently 3) Automating dashboard creation to minimize the amount of manual effort necessary.

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02-02-2012 10:46

This was a wonderful strategy and a very effective presentation of how to use it! Thank you so much.

01-24-2012 13:32

What an awesome resource, we definitely (generally) don't utilize this software to its full potential. Thank you for making this accessible!

11-10-2011 11:01

Thank you for a great session and posting this information.