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AEA Coffee Break Webinars (CBD)

We're pleased to offer a series of short coffee-break-length demonstrations of 20-minutes each that introduce tools of use to evaluators.

Via this site, you can view and PREregister for upcoming webinars (below) or sign in and go to the Webinars eLibrary to download archived recordings of previous Coffee Break Demonstrations.

If you are not a member, and would like to participate in the Coffee Break webinars, we offer multiple membership options that will allow you to register for any Coffee Break webinars that you wish for one year from the month of payment. The regular e-membership is $85 and gives you access to each coffee break webinar for free.  This is discounted to $30 for full-time students. These e-memberships include electronic only access to four journals. To upgrade and get one-year access to all of AEA's coffee breaks, please click here to join or contact Zachary Grays in the AEA office at

Upcoming Coffee Break Demonstrations

CFB 224Slide Clinic Part 3 of 4: Chart Redesigns for Evaluators - Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

Thursday September 3rd, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

In the third webinar of this four-part series, Stephanie Evergreen and Ann Emery will show you how to best present graphs and tables in your annual conference presentation. The webinar will pull lessons from the redesign experiences of AEA members participating in the DVRTIG and p2i Slide Clinic, where they received individualized coaching on presentation materials that feature charts and graphs. The presenters will detail best practices for chart-within-slide design using AEA member materials as examples. You’ll learn practical guidelines, like how many graphs can really fit on one slide, which font size is needed for those audience members sitting in the back row of your presentation, how to select the correct chart type for your dataset, and tips for selecting colors that will make your key findings stand out. You’ll leave with pointed advice that can be used to prepare your own annual conference presentations. 

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CFB 226Slide Clinic Part 4 of 4: Delivery Tips for Evaluators - Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

Thursday September 17th, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

The final webinar in this four-part series on presentations will address how to address. In other words, the presenters will talk about how to talk. This webinar is all about presentation delivery. It’s one thing to have a solid message and great slides but it’s really something else to get up in front of peers and deliver a talk. Ann Emery and Stephanie Evergreen will teach you how to prepare to deliver a talk and how to handle things that come up during the talk to ensure the smoothest delivery. You’ll learn tips for starting your presentation with a bang, sustaining your audience’s interest throughout your entire talk, and handling audience questions during and after your presentation. The presenters will point to specific tools to support your conference presentation delivery. 

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CFB 221 :  Slide Clinic Part 1 of 4: Presentation Tips for Evaluators - Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

Thursday August 6th, 2015 2-2:20 PM 

With the annual conference around the corner, it’s prime time to kick presentation prep into high gear. The Data Visualization and Reporting TIG and the Potent Presentations Initiative are teaming forces to provide an online Slide Clinic. Our four-part webinar series will highlight message, design, and delivery tips guaranteed to make your conference presentation shine. 

Preparing a presentation takes time, with the majority of it being spent in the message stage. Join Stephanie Evergreen and Ann Emery for lightning fast advice on how to hone the message of your presentation and structure your session so that you can connect with the audience. Pulling from p2i tools and loads of personal experience, the webinar will highlight what should be done now to prepare for the November conference, like tailoring your presentation to the conference audience, outlining the presentation around key points, planning activities, preparing bonus content, anticipating audience questions, and infusing stories. The webinar will conclude with information on how to get free individualized presentation coaching for AEA members.

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