Welcome to the Business, Leadership, and Performance TIG


Mission Statement

The Business, Leadership, and Performance Topical Interest Group is dedicated to the advancement of evaluation in the institutional context.  While the topics of interest tend to be those identified by professional evaluators found in business, the methodologies employed and the lessons learned are applicable to any sort of organization involved in the following activities:

  • Employing and training human resources
  • Developing talent and leadership
  • Establishing and communicating organizational objectives
  • Managing institutional knowledge
  • Developing and maintaining a structure of governance
  • Engaging with local communities

Additionally, this TIG welcomes discussion on more traditional business topics such as production, branding, innovation, return on investment, financing, and quality. 

BLP TIG Call for Proposals

The BLP TIG invites you to submit a proposal to the upcoming 2013 AEA meeting to be held October 16-19, 2013 in Washington, DC. The theme for this year's conference is The State of Evaluation Practice in the early 21st Century (AEA Conference Website).

We welcome proposals in a variety of formats that include multi-paper, roundtable discussion, workshop, lecture and poster.  We strongly encourage BLP TIG members to submit proposals and/or contact the BLP Leadership Team (click on tab above) with ideas for presentations (demonstrations, panels, etc.), establishing a robust presence at the annual meeting, and meeting the needs of the membership.  

Please submit your proposals by March 15, 2013, identifying the BLP TIG as your sponsor. 

Online Proposal Submission